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We have a $25 minimum to purchase items Wholesale or Retail on our Website.

 Step 1) Register as a Wholesale User.  Follow this link:

 Step 2) Follow directions below.

Texas Wholesale Customers:

Please complete the PDF file below and return by email to or fax to 281-913-7701.

Out Of State (or out of Country) Wholesale Customers:

Please email your States equivalent of a Sales Tax Permit or use the PDF below and indicate your State. You may either email your completed form to or fax to 281-913-7701.

All Customers will see Retail pricing until we receive the required documentation, for question or concerns please call 281-913-7700

 * Do not fill the Tax Exempt form unless you are "Exempt" (like a Church or Charitable foundation). If this is the case please email or fax a copy of your IRS Determination letter.  

**Most will complete the first form indicating that you will charge sales tax to your customer (this is a regular business).

Texas Sales Tax PDF

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